Midwest Homes prides itself on being reliable and trustworthy. Whatever your needs, just give us a call!

Midwest Homes will give your home a thorough assessment and determine exactly what needs to be done to completely repair your home. Our staff is honest and efficient; you can expect integrity from all of the work that they do while on site at your home. Contact us as soon as possible after damage occurs to your home so that we can be there every step of the way with you. Midwest Homes will make sure that all work done for you is fair and as timely as possible. We know your home is important to you.


We are experts on knowing what is necessary to fix roofs, gutters, siding and everything in between correctly. It is imperative to have us on your side when the claims adjuster reviews your property damage. It is important to know what your insurance company will pay to repair and what they will not. Midwest Homes is proud to be there for you every step of the way, to keep you educated. Our staff will treat your case with honesty and integrity.


If you have a home in Nebraska and Iowa that has sustained any damages that require claims through your insurance company, don’t hesitate to contact Midwest Homes. We will work to get you back in your home, safe and sound, and covered by your insurance company. Put your trust in Midwest Homes; we will take care of you and your home